Curriculum vitae



Adi Kaplan, born 1967 in Kibutz Ein-Hakhoresh. Live in Tel Aviv

Graduate of ‘The Kalisher Academy of Painting' in Tel Aviv (1992 – 1996)


Shahar Carmel, born 1958 in Tel Aviv.

Graduate of ‘The Kalisher Academy of Painting' in Tel Aviv (1992 – 1996)

Working together since 1994






  • "DER DYBBUK" (The Dybbuk) 1937 - 2017 - 2 shows in 'Timisuara - Culture Capital of Europe 2021', 9-10 June 2018, Timisuara, Romania.

  • "DER DYBBUK" (The Dybbuk) 1937 - 2017 - a show in the Israel Festival Jerusalem, Henry crown hall, Jerusalem Theater, 2 June 2018,

  •  Dzigan & Shumacher, 12 paintings, oil pastel on canvas.


  • "PLEASE BEHAVE NATURALLY" Solo exhibition of the paintings from the book Please Behave Naturally, in Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curators: sala-manca

  • "DER DYBBUK" (The Dybbuk) 1937 - 2017 (50 min.), film & live performance & orchestra, Yiddish with Hebrew & English subtitles. Collaboration with sala-manca group, based on the film "DYBBUK" (2014), (see brlow "DYBBUK")

  • "THE ROOM of LEV AFOR" – Reading Room (Installation) in THE WHITE CITY CENTER, 29 Idlson st. Tel-Aviv. Curator: Sabrina Cegla. Designer: Yochai Matos.

  • "ABSENTEE VIEWS" – participation in reconstruction a painted Sukkah originally built in the German town  FISCHACH  in the second half of the 19th century.  Curators:  Sala-Manca. Hansen, Jerusalem.



  • THE PIANIST – A painted-electro-acoustic performance (45 minutes).
    Four Graphic Novels accompaniment by live soundtrack by Shira Legman, an independent production (with the participation of Shahar Davis, Giori Politi, Shahar Haziza. Piano: Shira Legman)

  • PLEASE BEHAVE NATURALLY – Three short graphic stories (69 paintings, oil pastel on linen canvas, various sizes).  144 p, hard cover, self-publishing, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).



  • THE DIARY OF LEV AFOR – An English edition of the Hebrew book, translated to English by Lori Solondz, and published by Swiss publisher Edition Patrick Frey, with texts by Elli Armon Azoulay & Yonatan Vinitsky.

  • DIBBUK – Performance combined a short film (20 min.) with live orchestra music. The film is a re-edit of the Yiddish film Der Dybbuk (Warsaw, 1937, 108 min. director: Michal Waszynski). In: Voice of the Word 2014 - 'His Voice – The Dibbuk' festival. Co-curators: Gay Biran and Sala-Manca, Hansen House, Jerusalem.

  • HEIM – a short documentary film (17 min.). In: heara 12 Historical comment, Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curators: Sala Manca


  • METAMORPHOSES – Music installation for 5 oboes (15 min.) based on Metamorphoses by  Benjamin Britten.  In: Traces 5 – the 5th Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curators: Sala-Manca



  • THE DIARY OF LEV AFOR –  graphic novel, 190p, hard cover, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).


  • LEV AFOR–  graphic novel, 88p, hard cover, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).



  • FUGUE -  16p graphic story for the Dutch art-magazine "OPEN" no. 18




  • OBJET TROUVÉ –  graphic story, booklet of 15 drawings, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).

  • OBJET TROUVÉ - 5 drawings in a special comics addition of the  magazine "HAKIVUN  MISRAKH" (no. 15). Publishers: Bimat Kedem.



  • RADIO DETECTIVE - radio play, 15 min, 2007

In HEARA 11 - The Last Comment, Marianshtift Hospital (Shevet Achim), Jerusalem Print Workshop, Uganda, Daila, Sergey's Courtyard, "Transits", Public Realm Jerusalem. Curators: SALA-MANCA


  • GOLEM -  a documentary film, 17 min, 2006. In "THE GOLEM", an art event in "THE LAB" theatre, Jerusalem.    Curators: OFIRA HENIG and SALA-MANCA

  • EINSTEIN and the HEBREW UNIVERSITY – a short documentary film, (11 min). In HEARA 10, Comments on the Israeli Acropolis,   Science Museum, Jerusalem.  Curators: SALA-MANCA


  • THE PARENTS  OF LEV AFOR–  graphic novel, 116p, hard cover, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).



  • Boy With a Pearl Earring – paintings exhibition. The "SHALOM" gallery in Givat Haviva. Curators: Eti Amram & Osnat Ben-Shalom




  • History of Art Class -  The Baroque Period - Dutch painters in the 17th century -  Performance with paintings, 2004, In Heara 8 - Comment on Schools and Hospitals, the International Anglican School, Jerusalem. Curators: SALA-MANCA


  • Playground – paintings exhibition, a project with the children of the community center "Lev Hair" in Jerusalem. In Heara 7 - Minhal Kehilati Lev Hair, Jerusalem. Curators: SALA-MANCA




  • Destructions – an independent project, installations and paintings, in Sergey's Courtyard, Jerusalem. About the connection between art and censorship in Israel 



Group Exhibitions:


  • Anti – Anti,  The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery.
    Curator: Hadas Kedar



  • Cats, Eretz Israel Museum. Curator: Danna Taggar.

  • Double-South, Nahum Gutman Museum of Art. Curator: Tali Tamir.

  • See not / Fear Not, Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery. Curator: Moran Shoub.



  • Our Landscape - Notes on Landscape  Painting in Israel, University of Haifa, The Art Gallery. Curator: Avishay Ayal.



  •  Marked Landscapes – 'Landscape-Place' in Contemporary Israeli Art, Ben-Gurion University, The Avraham Baron Art Gallery. Curator: Haim Maor and the participants of the Curatorship Course.




  • Fire Zone, Ha'Kibbutz, Israeli Art Gallery. Curator: Tali Tamir