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Curriculum vitae



Adi Kaplan, born 1967 in Kibutz Ein-Hakhoresh. Live in Tel Aviv

Graduate of ‘The Kalisher Academy of Painting' in Tel Aviv (1992 – 1996)


Shahar Carmel, born 1958 in Tel Aviv.

Graduate of ‘The Kalisher Academy of Painting' in Tel Aviv (1992 – 1996)

Working together since 1994






  • "Biography of Duplicity" - a copy of the Deller's Sukkah that Jews built in Fischkasch, Germany, in the middle of the 19th century. The Sukkah was smuggled to Israel in the middle of the 20th century. Curator: Michal Mor, The Stern University Gallery at the Hebrew University, Mount Scopus. A group exhibition of the builders of the Sukkah replica - the Sala-Manka Group, Ketura Manor, Nir Yahlom, Adi Kaplan and Shahar Carmel.


  • "DER DYBBUK" (The Dybbuk) 1937 - 2017 - 2 performances at the festival "Kaunas - the cultural capital of Europe 2022" October 14-15, 2022, Lithuania.


  • "FUGUE" graphic novel (187 paintings, 136 oil pastel on canvas, Various sizes, and 51 pencil drawings on paper by Shira Borer), 416 pages, hardcover, edition Lev Afor. 
    The book won the 2022 Golden Duck Award, a competition for an independent graphic novels named after Dudu Geva.


  • "SOBERMAN COLLECTION"  -  paintings exhibition. An invitation by the Sala-Manca group to participate in their exhibition "PERMANENT RESIDENCY" in Hansen House in Jerusalem, and reproduce, down to their frames, 40 paintings from the Soberman's art collection. We managed to complete 33 paintings.

  • "TIQWA"  -  a short film (4 min,) in Heara 13 (The Corona Heara). curators: The Sala-manca group.


  • "DER DYBBUK" (The Dybbuk) 1937 - 2017 - 2 shows in 'Timisuara - Culture Capital of Europe 2021', 9-10 June 2018, Timisuara, Romania.

  • "DER DYBBUK" (The Dybbuk) 1937 - 2017 - a show in the Israel Festival Jerusalem, Henry crown hall, Jerusalem Theater, 2 June 2018,

  •  Dzigan & Shumacher, 12 paintings, oil pastel on canvas.


  • "PLEASE BEHAVE NATURALLY" Solo exhibition of the paintings from the book Please Behave Naturally, in Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curators: sala-manca

  • "DER DYBBUK" (The Dybbuk) 1937 - 2017 (50 min.), film & live performance & orchestra, Yiddish with Hebrew & English subtitles. Collaboration with sala-manca group, based on the film "DYBBUK" (2014), (see brlow "DYBBUK")

  • "THE ROOM of LEV AFOR" – Reading Room (Installation) in THE WHITE CITY CENTER, 29 Idlson st. Tel-Aviv. Curator: Sabrina Cegla. Designer: Yochai Matos.

  • "ABSENTEE VIEWS" – participation in reconstruction a painted Sukkah originally built in the German town  FISCHACH  in the second half of the 19th century.  Curators:  Sala-Manca. Hansen, Jerusalem.



  • THE PIANIST – A painted-electro-acoustic performance (45 minutes).
    Four Graphic Novels accompaniment by live soundtrack by Shira Legman, an independent production (with the participation of Shahar Davis, Giori Politi, Shahar Haziza. Piano: Shira Legman)

  • PLEASE BEHAVE NATURALLY – Three short graphic stories (69 paintings, oil pastel on linen canvas, various sizes).  144 p, hardcover, Edition Lev Afor.



  • THE DIARY OF LEV AFOR – An English edition of the Hebrew book, translated to English by Lori Solondz, and published by Swiss publisher Edition Patrick Frey, with texts by Elli Armon Azoulay & Yonatan Vinitsky.

  • DIBBUK – Performance combined a short film (20 min.) with live orchestra music. The film is a re-edit of the Yiddish film Der Dybbuk (Warsaw, 1937, 108 min. director: Michal Waszynski). In: Voice of the Word 2014 - 'His Voice – The Dibbuk' festival. Co-curators: Gay Biran and Sala-Manca, Hansen House, Jerusalem.

  • HEIM – a short documentary film (17 min.). In: heara 12 Historical comment, Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curators: Sala Manca


  • METAMORPHOSES – Music installation for 5 oboes (15 min.) based on Metamorphoses by  Benjamin Britten.  In: Traces 5 – the 5th Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curators: Sala-Manca



  • THE DIARY OF LEV AFOR –  graphic novel, 190p, hard cover, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).


  • LEV AFOR–  graphic novel, 88p, hard cover, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).



  • FUGUE -  16p graphic story for the Dutch art-magazine "OPEN" no. 18




  • OBJET TROUVÉ –  graphic story, booklet of 15 drawings, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).

  • OBJET TROUVÉ - 5 drawings in a special comics addition of the  magazine "HAKIVUN  MISRAKH" (no. 15). Publishers: Bimat Kedem.



  • RADIO DETECTIVE - radio play, 15 min, 2007

In HEARA 11 - The Last Comment, Marianshtift Hospital (Shevet Achim), Jerusalem Print Workshop, Uganda, Daila, Sergey's Courtyard, "Transits", Public Realm Jerusalem. Curators: SALA-MANCA


  • GOLEM -  a documentary film, 17 min, 2006. In "THE GOLEM", an art event in "THE LAB" theatre, Jerusalem.    Curators: OFIRA HENIG and SALA-MANCA

  • EINSTEIN and the HEBREW UNIVERSITY – a short documentary film, (11 min). In HEARA 10, Comments on the Israeli Acropolis,   Science Museum, Jerusalem.  Curators: SALA-MANCA


  • THE PARENTS  OF LEV AFOR–  graphic novel, 116p, hard cover, self-publishing (Edition Lev Afor).



  • Boy With a Pearl Earring – paintings exhibition. The "SHALOM" gallery in Givat Haviva. Curators: Eti Amram & Osnat Ben-Shalom




  • History of Art Class -  The Baroque Period - Dutch painters in the 17th century -  Performance with paintings, 2004, In Heara 8 - Comment on Schools and Hospitals, the International Anglican School, Jerusalem. Curators: SALA-MANCA


  • Playground – paintings exhibition, a project with the children of the community center "Lev Hair" in Jerusalem. In Heara 7 - Minhal Kehilati Lev Hair, Jerusalem. Curators: SALA-MANCA




  • Destructions – an independent project, installations and paintings, in Sergey's Courtyard, Jerusalem. About the connection between art and censorship in Israel 



Group Exhibitions:


  • Anti – Anti,  The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery.
    Curator: Hadas Kedar



  • Cats, Eretz Israel Museum. Curator: Danna Taggar.

  • Double-South, Nahum Gutman Museum of Art. Curator: Tali Tamir.

  • See not / Fear Not, Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery. Curator: Moran Shoub.



  • Our Landscape - Notes on Landscape  Painting in Israel, University of Haifa, The Art Gallery. Curator: Avishay Ayal.



  •  Marked Landscapes – 'Landscape-Place' in Contemporary Israeli Art, Ben-Gurion University, The Avraham Baron Art Gallery. Curator: Haim Maor and the participants of the Curatorship Course.




  • Fire Zone, Ha'Kibbutz, Israeli Art Gallery. Curator: Tali Tamir

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